Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Decorative Seams

Finished Project
Finished Project

Seams can be added without changing the fit. They can be added to combine different materials or to change a look.

Sequence can be very important in putting together a Pattern Design. When the sides of two separate pieces are the same length, they should be taped first, (see Step 8.)

Select Paper Prepare to cut Separate Fit from Decorative
  1. Draw the design lines you want on a copy of the Master Pattern. Then select the paper you want.
  1. Tape the pattern to the paper. Clip the edges of the two different colored papers together.
  1. Separate the paper on top from the pieces on the bottom.
Cut Decorative Finish cutting Separate colors and label
  1. As you separate the pieces, adjust the clips to keep the papers in place.
  1. The project is now separated into different pieces.
  1. Separate the different colors, numbering the pieces as shown above.
Arrange design Begin taping Finish taping
  1. Choose the color combinations you want.
  1. Tape the edges that match each other first.
  1. Finish taping the project together. Now add a waistband.