Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Adding Trim

Finished Project Finished Project

This project adds Trim to the bottom.

The pattern Ruffle separated Folded reffle pattern
  1. Make a copy of the Master Pattern and draw a second line 1" (2.5cm) below the existing pattern.
  1. Cut the pattern into a top piece and a separate piece for the Trim.
  1. Fold the ruffle pattern in half two times, then unfold it and cut it into four pieces.
Ruffle pattern Ruffle taped Patterns marked
  1. Lay the Ruffle pieces on a piece of paper so the tops of the Trim touch, but the bottoms are separated to look like darts.
  1. Tape the Ruffle pieces, then cut the pattern.
  1. Use a Ruffle pattern piece to mark where the Ruffle is to be attached. Complete the project by taping the darts and the ruffle to the bottom then adding a waistband.