Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Sewing Pockets

Sewing Pockets
Sewing Pockets

To add pockets for holding tools, the pattern must be extended to the full length of the bottle and sewn as a skirt.

Cut two Pin from hip to hem Layout tools
  1. Using the pattern, cut two pieces of fabric.
  1. Sew the two pieces together along one side from Hip to Hem, then press.
  1. Place the items for the pockets on the fabric.
Pocket fabric Cut fabric to fit Remove tools
  1. To create the pockets, place a strip of fabric over the items.
  1. Cut or rip the pocket fabric to the desired depth plus a 1/2" (.5cm) for a finished edge along the top. The length of the pocket fabric needs to be 2" (5cm) longer than the skirt fabric.
  1. Set aside the items in the same order.
Finish pocket top Sew pocket to body Insert item
  1. Sew a finished edge to the top of the pocket fabric.
  1. Use a 3/4" (2cm) seam allowance to sew one end of the pocket fabric to one side of the skirt.
  1. Place an item close to the seam.
Stitch pocket Remove item Add all pockets
  1. Start from the top of the pocket and sew a line of stitches alongside this item.
  1. Remove the item.
  1. To sew pockets for the rest of the items, repeat Steps 9 through 11.
Zigzag edges Cut excess Sew darts
  1. Sew a 4mm zigzag around the outer edges of the skirt.
  1. Trim off any excess pocket fabric.
  1. Sew the darts and the top of the seam from Step 2.
Sew basting Finish edges sew last seam
  1. Baste 1/4" (.6cm) in from the top and bottom of the skirt.
  1. Fold the top and bottom along the basting and stitch them in place.
  1. Sew the final seam, then turn the skirt right side out.