Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Using Fabric

Finished Project
Finished Project

Fabric can also be used for these pattern design projects without requiring any sewing. This example uses fabric cut from an old shirt and a 12" (30cm) pipe cleaner for the waistband.

Non-Stretch Fabric Pattern tapped to fabric Fabric separated from pattern
  1. Select some non-stretch fabric. It must be flat with no wrinkles.
  1. Tape the pattern to the fabric, then cut the fabric as described for Using a Paper Towel.
  1. Remove the fabric from the pattern.
Prevent fraying Taping the waistband Secure the waist band
  1. To prevent the fabric from fraying, tape the side and bottom edges of the fabric.
  1. Tape the darts and add a waistband as described for Using a Paper Towel.
  1. To secure the waistband at the back, twist the pipe cleaner.