Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Decoration Supplies

Stickers come in a wide selection from many sources. Choose the ones you like best.

  • The double-sided tape is great for making Do-It-Yourself stickers.
  • Tweezers come in handy for picking up and positioning small stickers.
  • The letter alignment board can be made from 6-1/2" by 8-1/2" (16.5cm by 21.5cm) stiff paper such as chip board.
  • 6" by 6" (15cm by 15cm) Origami paper is a great size for this Master Pattern.
Double Side Tape
Tweezers &
Double Side Tape
Rubber Cement &
School Glue
Origami Paper
6" by 6" (15cm by 15cm)
Origami Paper
Colored Paper Glitter Paper

Making a Letter Alignment Board

Letter Alignment Board Step 1 Letter Alignment Board Step 2 Letter Alignment Board Step 3
  1. Cut a piece of chip board 6-1/2" by
    8-1/2" (16.5cm by 21.5cm).
  1. Cut a second strip of stiff board 1" by 6" (2.5cm by 15cm), then tape it in the middle of the board.
  1. On the strip from Step 2, mark the center and the sides of the Master Pattern.