Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Changing Darts

Dart Location Change

A dart is like an arrow that points to where the body changes.

Master Pattern Cutting for New Darts Tape Old Darts
  1. Make a copy of the Master Pattern and draw lines for the new dart locations.
  1. Cut along the lines for the new dart locations.
  1. Tape the original darts closed.
Tape the pattern to the fabric Cut the fabric Notch to the waistline
  1. Tape the pattern to the fabric.
  1. Cut the fabric and remove the pattern.
  1. At the top of the fabric where the original darts were located, cut notches down to the waistline.
Tape the sides and bottom to prevent fraying Tape the darts closed Add the waistband
  1. To prevent raveling, tape the sides and bottom of the fabric.
  1. Tape the new darts closed.
  1. Place the fabric on the bottle with the tape showing. Now tape the waistband in place.