Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Adding Fullness

So far, none of the projects changed the fit. But in some designs the material is not close to the body. So fullness must be added.

When adding fullness to a project, it is important to first have a good idea of what it will look like. To see how a material will react to fullness you can place a circular skirt onto the bottle.


These instructions show how to make a circular skirt from any flat material. If you are testing paper, tape two copies of the half circular skirts together to make a full circle skirt.

Prepare fabric Foldin half Place pattern
  1. Cut a square of fabric 11" by 11" (27cm by 27cm).
  1. Fold it in half.
  1. Place the pattern on the fabric, matching the center line of the pattern to the fold in the fabric.
Tape pattern Cut Circle Tape fabric
  1. Tape the pattern to the fabric to hold it in place.
  1. Cut the waist circle and the hem circle.
  1. Open the fabric and put tape around the waist circle to prevent stretching.