Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Changing Darts to Fullness

Finished Project
Fullness from Darts

Darts remove wedges of material. An easy way to add fullness is to move a dart to an area such as the hem without closing it. You can add more fullness by opening the wedge even further.

Prepare Master Pattern Close dar shapes Expand Fullness
  1. Make a copy of the Master Pattern with lines from the point of the dart to the hem.
  1. Close the original dart shape.
  1. To add more fullness, open up the spaces between the pieces while keeping them touching at the dotted lines for the waist.
Tape to pattern Extend sides Curl paper
  1. Tape the pattern pieces to the paper.
  1. Draw lines to straighten the sides and complete the bottom hem.
  1. Remove the pattern and curl the paper. Then add a waistband.