Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Adding Fullness with Gathers

Finished Project
Gathered Waist

The previous project kept the waist fitted. When making the waist of a project larger than the waist it is being made for, you need to gather the waist so it will stay in place. Copy paper is too stiff for gathers. Paper towels or fabric are fine. This example uses a paper towel and a shoe lace for the waistband.

Make a copy of the Master Pattern Separate the pattern Tape the pattern to a towel
  1. Make a copy of the Master Pattern with the sides straight up to the waist.
  1. Cut the pattern into even strips.
  1. Keep the pattern strips even along the bottom and tape them to the towel.
Preparing for the waist Tape the waist Gathering the towel
  1. Use a shoe string for the waist. Scotch Magic Tape will gather better than masking tape.
  1. Fold the material at the waist level with the shoe lace inside, then tape the waist material closed.
  1. Push the material together to the 3" (7.6cm) waist measurement and tie knots in the shoe string on both sides to hold the material in place. Then tie the project to the bottle.