Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Seam & Sewing Allowances

Previously projects were held together with tape. To use thread, pattern shapes must be expanded to make room for:

  • Seam Allowances to hold the separate pattern shapes together.
  • Edge Finishes to prevent fraying.
  • Hem Allowances to finish the bottom.

Darts also require extra fabric.

For the pattern for these sewing projects, click the button below. They are ready to sew. If a printer is not available, you can use the Master Pattern from the previous projects, trace it, and make your own patterns.

Adding Ease

Adding Ease

When the Master Pattern is used for a skirt, the pattern needs to be expanded so it will easily slip over the bottle. This extra allowance is called ease. It should be added to both sides of the Master Pattern before the seam allowances are added. For this project add 1/8" (.3cm) of ease to both sides of the Master Pattern as shown above. Ease has already been added to the provided patterns.

Creating Original Pattern Designs

Draw Design Line Add Tracing Paper Trace First Pattern
  1. On a copy of the Master Pattern, draw the design lines.
  1. Place a second piece of paper on top of the Master Pattern.
  1. Trace the first pattern shape including any darts.
Shift Tracing Paper Trace Second Pattern Add Seam Allowance
  1. Shift the paper over to expose the next pattern shape.
  1. Trace the second pattern shape including any darts. Continue shifting the paper to trace any remaining pattern shapes.
  1. Add seam allowances to all pattern edges which will be sewn together.
Add Seam Allowance Add Edge Allowances Cut the pattern
  1. Add edge allowances to the outside edges.
  1. Add Hem Allowances to the bottom.
  1. Cut the pattern pieces.