Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Hand Sewing Seams

When sewing seams, there are two steps. First, prevent fraying by finishing the edges with an overcast stitch. Then use a running stitch to sew the pieces together.

Overcast Stitch Iron the stitching Draw the seam
  1. Overcast the outside edges of the seam allowance.
  1. Press the overcast edges.
  1. Using a C-Thru ruler and a Marks Be Gone pen or pencil, draw in the seam line.
Sew the seam Sew the seam Iron the seam
  1. Matching the edges of the seam allowance, right sides together, pin the pieces together.
  1. Using a running stitch, sew the seam.
  1. Remove the pins and press the seam open.