Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Sewing Zippers


This project is for a skirt with a zipper. Zippers work best in straight seams so the pattern for the back of the skirt is divided in half down the middle with a 1/2" (.5cm) seam allowance to match the width of the zipper. The pattern for the front remains the full width of the Master Pattern and includes two darts.

This project requires a zipper and zipper foot. The exact length of the zipper used is not important as any extra length can be cut off. The zipper pull, however must be face down on the seam allowance in order to open and close the finished project.

Zipper Pull

Pin center seam
Two pins at hip Baste top
  1. Cut the patterns out of fabric, then, zigzag, and pin the two pieces along the center back seam, good sides together.
  1. Put two pins just below the Hip line to indicate where the zipper will end.
  1. Baste from the top of the skirt down to the two pins.
Sew to bottom Press seam Pin top of Zipper
  1. Sew a line of regular stitching from the two pins down to the bottom of the skirt.
  1. Press the seam open.
  1. Pin the zipper to the top of the skirt with the zipper pull touching the seam.
Pin zipper over seam Hand baste the zipper Change to zipper foot
  1. Keeping the teeth of the zipper centered over the seam, pin the zipper to the seam allowance.
  1. Hand baste the zipper to the skirt, then remove the pins.
  1. Install the zipper presser foot.
Sew the zipper Test zipper Cut off zipper
  1. Starting from the top, sew both sides of the zipper to the skirt.
  1. Remove the basting and try opening the zipper.
  1. Cut off the excess zipper. Then, using the pattern for the front sew the rest of the skirt.