Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Sewing Curved Seams


Curved seams require special steps to ensure they lie flat.

Cut the fabric Mark the notches Pin the seam
  1. Cut the patterns out of fabric.
  1. Where indicated on the pattern, mark notches in the seam allowance.
  1. Starting from the middle, pin the two pattern pieces together, good side to good side.
Remove table Sew the seam Clip the seam
  1. If possible, remove the table from the free arm of your sewing machine.
  1. Sew the curved seam.
  1. To keep the seam allowances flat, clip one seam allowances up to the stitching.
Zigzag seam trim seam allowance Complete project
  1. Then, on the other seam allowance, sew a line of 2mm wide zigzag stitches as close as possible to the initial seam.
  1. On the seam allowance from Step 7, cut off the excess seam allowance.
  1. This project can now be completed as described in previous videos.