Pattern Design Activities for Kids
by Don McCunn

Mixing Colors

Color Wheel
Color Wheel
Finished project Finished Project

Colored paper or fabric can be joined together with seams to make different designs. For this project, I used green, yellow, and orange paper.

Selecting Color Paper Taping pattern to paper Cut the sides
  1. Select the colors you want.
  1. Tape the pattern to the paper on top. Now clip the three sheets of paper together.
  1. Trim the sides. Then reposition the clips.
Separate the sections Cuttops and bottoms Color Combinations
  1. Cut the seams to separate the pieces. Reposition the clips.
  1. Cut off the extra paper at the top and bottom of each pattern piece.
  1. Separate and label the pieces: L=Left, C=Center, R=Right. Finish the project as described for Changing Darts to Seams.